Ellie's trip to the United States

26th June to 6th August 2001

A lot of planning went into this mega trip around the United States. Many things had to be considered, the aussie dollar, the US dollar, climate and how much we could cram into 6 weeks and still attend all the scout camps we wanted to.

We travelled as far west as Ottawa in Canada and as far east as Juneau in Alaska. We had to combine flights and drives, tours and meeting up with friends. All fell into place and we had such a great time we have considered going back again sometime.

The route taken:

Cities visited on the way. (those highlighted are links to pages on the area)

California - Los Angeles, Anaheim,

Michigan - Detroit, Marine City, Lansing, Kallamazoo.

Indiana - Gary.

Ontario - Sombra, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara, London, Sarnia, Port Huron.

Illinois - Chicago, Moline,

Iowa - Winterset, Des Moines, Sioux City, Iowa City.

South Dakota - Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Rapid City.

Wyoming - Gillette, Sheridan, Cody.

Montana - Billings, Butte.

Idaho - Missoula, Coeur d'Alene.

Washington - Spokane, Moses Lake, Sea-Tac

Alaska - Juneau, Sitka.


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