My Scouting Page

I have been in scouting for over 5 years

  My Scouting name is - yes you guessed it -


I am involved with many areas of scouting on the ground and on the Internet. Cub Scout packs do a lot of camping.

I am Pen pals Co-ordinator for the International Team at Queensland Branch Headquarters - Scouts Australia

I am the Tech Team Co-ordinator and an IRCop on, an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network.

I have also travelled overseas and met a lot of Scouters and Guiders

from around the world who also chat on IRC through Scoutlink.

I have also met a lot of chatters In Real Life (IRL) camps and one off meetings.

I am a Cub Scout Leader currently without a cub scout pack.


Follow the links to view the websites of these organisations

and for pics of these camps and meetings.